Production Asset Loans

We provide training modules on our digital platform and distribute targeted mobile-based financial literacy content to women and adolescent girls in rural and underserved markets. Qualified and skilled customers have access to asset financing for production tools to start or expand their businesses and increase their productivity.

Biashara Loans

‘Biashara’ means business in Swahili. Our customers are members of registered self-help groups within their markets of operation – we are able to map and track their business growth. We provide them with affordable business loans that are intended for diversification of product lines, increase of working capital, increase of stock and access to new markets.

Dharura Loans

‘Dharura’ means emergency in Swahili. This product is tailored to the needs of women and girls in business whenever they are hit with emergencies like family health complications, death or political instability, which threaten their business operations.


Renewable Energy Loans

Many families in rural Kenya rely heavily on charcoal and paraffin to cook and light their homes though these sources of energy cause respiratory tract diseases, deforestation and environmental degradation. We finance energy saving cooking stoves and affordable solar home lighting systems for families.

Kilimo Loans

‘Kilimo’ means farming in Swahili. Agriculture is the backbone of African economies. Kilimo Loans finance high yield seeds, pesticides, green house kits, high breed dairy cattle, fish farming and poultry farming. We partner with other players in the industry to provide best practise training to increase productivity and profits for our customers.


Education Loans

Education is a fundamental human right. Over 250 Million children and youth are out of school from primary to upper secondary. Our customers access affordable school loans for their children. These loans ensure children especially adolescent girls stay in school and access quality child-friendly education.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Loans

This loan aims to provide our clients with high quality tanks for harvesting and storing clean water, water filtration kits, pumps and improved sanitation facilities. We provide clients with information on water footprint, hygiene and sanitation as they use the assets for domestic reasons, water retail and farming activities.