Looking back, I cannot help but marvel at how much our ideas have transformed, having started by financing a single sewing machine.

In 2014, we heard a provocative speaker who said, "The brands that last are brands that touch lives.” We were intrigued – and asked ourselves how we could meaningfully touch lives in a sustainable and scalable approach. This led to the founding of Cherehani Africa.

Wesley, Robert and I are inspired by the endless possibilities that financial inclusion presents to women and adolescent girls in emerging markets. We are blessed to work with a motivated team that feel’s connected to and woven into our company’s culture. Women owned micro-enterprises play an important role in invigorating informal economies. Our vision is to empower these micro-entrepreneurs by building tools, products, services and an ecosystem that they can effortlessly plug into to launch and run successful businesses.

The high rate of mobile phone penetration and the growing rate of smartphone adoption provides a unique opportunity to provide financial services to the underserved. As a customer centric company, we constantly challenge our assumptions and lean towards our customers for information. We believe that superior products are built for and with customers.

Our model incorporates technology and an efficient front-line of field officers. We work hard at building the community and support that is common in established business ecosystems. We leverage technology to transform the customer experience, reduce costs and to drive adoption and revenue.

In the meantime, we have our heads down working to serve 10 million plus women and adolescent girls by 2027.

Nasreen Ali,

Co-founder & CFO