In permanent beta

We are driven by continuous learning and growth. We build an architectural framework that allows input, feedback and iteration. Nothing should ever be labelled “finished” because we aspire to always be a work in progress.

Customer obsession

The power of customers in business is often underestimated. Customers are never satisfied. Only companies that live in their customers shoes are equipped to last! We must not build products for customers, instead we must build on their behalf.

Tenacity at work

Being tenacious provides the opportunity to place short term difficulty in the context of the bigger picture. It provides the confidence to persevere in the face of adversity. It gives the determination to find a way through whatever maze life and work presents.

Be curious

Leaders are curious because it is key in building a customer centric business. Solving customers’ problems requires empathetic curiosity. Customers are constantly looking for solutions to their problems. Having the courage to shamelessly lean into curiosity augments the ability to build tools people actually need.

Bias for action

Talk is cheap! The ability to make decisions quickly and to act upon them is one of the keys to success. Once you have a plan and some data to back it, pull the trigger!

Demand excellence

Leaders appreciate that excellence is about doing the right thing not doing the thing right! It is a shared responsibility. With consistent and excellent performance we play a vital role in motivating those around us to consistently deliver the best.

Be Frugal

Being frugal does not mean being stingy. Capital is hard to come by so every penny in the control of a leader must be deployed with ruthless efficiency without compromising on quality.

All MUST bring data

A very small amount of data and knowledge can save years of unfruitful hard work. We have learned to make data the anchor of our decision making process

No Task is Beneath us

We do whatever needs to be done to achieve our goals! We care deeply about what we do and are not afraid to live in the trenches.