Kavita Parmar

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Founder & Creative Director.
The IOU Project


Kavita is a Designer and serial entrepreneur. In 1995, together with her partner started Authentic Gear; which pioneered the concept of retail franchising in India and grew to operate 14 retail stores there. The company was later sold to a large Indian conglomerate. In 2009, her label, Maison Raasta set up its flagship store in Jorge Juan street Madrid, in the heart of the premium shopping district.

The IOU Project launched in end may 2011 is her most ambitious project to date. It is a new disruptive e-commerce initiative that offers fashion conscious consumers a very distinct platform; one which not only enhances the online experience by linking end buyers with artisan producers, but also draws upon the most compelling aspects of social media to construct a community around its core brand values: authenticity, transparency, uniqueness and both social and environmental responsibility.

Kavita advices the team on Measurement and Sustenance of Social Impact.

LinkedIn - https://es.linkedin.com/in/kavita-parmar-803bab26