Economic Security

Our customers have a stable source of income from their businesses enabling them to support a dignified standard of living for themselves and their households.

Decreased Vulnerability

Convenient access to affordable credit shields our customers from the possibility of physical, sexual or emotional harm attributable to financial insecurity.

Cushion from emergencies

Through the registered Community Based Organizations our customers have a secure and reliable saving platform. Our emergency loans also shield our customers from unplanned occurrences i.e. sickness or even death within the family.

Improved Livelihood

Access to credit has enabled our customers diversify their sources of income, increase their productivity and access new markets. With increased income our customers and their households can access healthier nutrition, improved healthcare services and quality education for their children.

Financial Independence

With increased business income our customers are able to provide for their households, decrease their dependence on spouses or increase their contribution to the household income.

Financial Literacy

Our model integrates targeted, engaging and industry specific financial training that improves our customers’ ability to manage their financial resources. The training covers life and negotiation skills, record keeping, budgeting, credit history development and use of mobile banking services.

Economic Citizenship

Investing in women’s earning power cements their position as economic agents. Economic citizenship enables women and girls to respond better to economic crises. When our customers increase their earning their families climb out of poverty.

Improved Decision making

Access to a network of peers within groups, information and financial independence improves our customers’ ability to make better life decisions.

Our Numbers

Cherehani Africa customers have registered increased revenues.

  • 6% of the customers earn between $251USD-$300USD monthly
  • 11% of the customers earn between $201USD-$250USD monthly
  • 18% of the customers earn between $151USD – $200USD monthly
  • 52% of the customers earn between $101USD-$150USD monthly
  • 8% of the customers earn below $100USD monthly