Connecting Dreams

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Over three years ago we had this simple idea of providing sewing machines for women in the tailoring business. We had no business model or concrete strategy around our idea but our desire to test our assumptions led to the founding of Cherehani Africa.

Over the last couple of months we have been re-thinking our brand strategy and visual assets with the support from the amazing team at Spring. Our goal was to align the brand to our core values and attributes and develop a clearer strategy around leveraging mobile to scale and to directly impact the lives of women and adolescent girls aged 17 – 19 as economic agents.

One of the most important things we have learned from leaning forward to our customers was their big dreams that transcended their micro-enterprises. Our customers are committed to pursuing a better future for their children and communities. They don’t want this future handed to them on a silver platter, instead they deeply care about putting in the time and sweat towards making their dreams possible.

As a company we fit into this matrix by being an enabler. By building financial products and services that provide a platform for our customers to truly achieve their dreams and desires. The fundamental question that our products must at all times answer is, “Does it provide a clear pathway out of poverty?” Our core products and services play an integral role in ending the cycle of poverty and bridging the gender gap in access to finance, knowledge, technology and markets.

Our productive asset loans enable sustainable income generation, our smartphone loans connect our customers to the endless possibilities of the digital economy and our working capital loans provide women micro-entrepreneurs the liquidity to increase their purchasing power and to diversify their sources of income.

Women micro-entrepreneurs need to be empowered with the right tools to build sustainable businesses and eventually escape poverty. Among the most important of these tools are productive assets and smartphones. At Cherehani Africa our vision is to democratize entrepreneurship by building the requisite infrastructure to enable women and adolescent girls aged 17 – 19 start and run sustainable businesses.

Our new visual assets are a true representation of our simple and approachable strategy to providing financial services to the underserved.

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