Cherehani Financing

We train unskilled women living in rural and emerging markets on tailoring and design and provide them with sewing machines to enable them start their independent businesses. The sewing machines (‘cherehani’ in Swahili) are repaid in affordable monthy installments over a period of one year.

Biashara Support Fund

We provide affordable business loans to women owned textile and fashion enterprises operating in rural and emerging markets. The fund targets women-led apparel businesses who need to diversify their product line, increase stock and/or access new markets.

Dharura Fund

‘Dharura’ means emergency in Swahili. Life is full of emergencies. Women entrepreneurs are in most instances the hardest hit when faced with emergencies like health complications, death and accidents. The Emergency Fund shields our beneficiaries from the uncertainties in business.

Renewable Energy Fund

Many families in rural Kenya rely heavily on charcoal and paraffin to cook and light their homes though these sources of energy cause respiratory tract diseases and deforestation. At Cherehani Africa, we are developing the ‘Renewable Energy Fund’ that aims to finance energy saving stoves and affordable, safe and healthy solar home lighting systems for families.

Kilimo Fund

Agriculture is the backbone of African economies. Through the Cherehani Africa Impact Assessment Report (2015), we realized that agriculture was the main alternative revenue source for our beneficiaries. The Kilimo Fund, which we plan to roll out, will finance high yield seeds, pesticides, green house kits, high breed dairy cattle, fish farming and poultry farming.

Don’t just stand for the success of women, insist on it.

Gaile Blanke

President & CEO, Lifedesigns